Mission & Vision
Provide excellent products to patients
accelerate industry development
  • Our Mission

    Singclean are always focusing on absorbable biomaterials innovation and committed to providing  safer and more efficient solutions for knee osteoarthritis treatment, ophthalmic surgery, pelvic and abdominal surgery, aesthetic face treatment, hemostat treatment, diagnostic test and other health care sectors to improve the lives of patients in the world. Together with all the staff from Singclean, we work to perfect our products and service on a daily basis.

  • Our Vision

    To be the leading manufacturer of absorbable biomaterials in the world. To set up a comprehensive platform where technology, resources and talents in the absorbable biomaterials industry can be shared. Singclean has already opened up its own talent resources and scientific research resources to start-up companies, and helped them grow by offering R&D support. Contrary to competition, Singclean hopes to achieve common growth among enterprises while realizing our own development goal in order to provide excellent products to patients and accelerate the high-quality development of this industry.