Skincare Products
Medical Masks

1. Anti-Acne and Pore Refining

2. Deep Hydration: pure hyaluronic acid, the ideal moisturizing factor

3. Sunburned Skin Repairing: prevent peeling, dark spots and further skin damage

4. Anti-inflammatory and Desensitizing: help skin self-repair

5. Post-Treatment for Plastic Surgery: cool and moisturize the damaged epidermis, reduce redness and    stinging feeling, also help with wound healing

6. Especially for Sensitive Skin: Calms and soothes stressed and sensitive skin

7. Medical aesthetics mask, also can be used as daily skincare.

5piece/pack Not CE Approved
Applicable scope

Especially for plastic surgeries

aftercare, like mesotherapy and laser surgery,

also can be used as daily care