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Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) assay kit (ELISA) CE Approved

Alpha-fetoprotein(AFP) is a kind of embryonal single polypeptide which synthesized by embryo liver, yolk sac and gastrointestinal tract. Human AFP belongs to the alpha globulin, composed of 18 kinds of amino acids. The molecular weight of AFP is about 64 KD~72 KD with a half-life of about 5d. Part of AFP can enter into the maternal blood circulation as amniotic fluid, AFP levels in body fluids of pregnant women all have a different enhanced. Normally, non-pregnancy women have lower concentration of serum AFP.

Liver cancer is one of common reasons that induce abnormally increase of AFP. Elevated serum AFP concentrations are observed in 70%~95% of adult patients with liver cancer. AFP has a relative specificity for diagnosis of the liver cancer, human serum AFP concentration determination can be served as assistant in diagnosis of liver cancer, combined with other markers detection and imaging examination. Elevation of serum AFP to abnormally high values also occurs in several malignant diseases including germline embryonal tumor and digestive tract tumor.

48 tests/box, 96 pcs/box
Applicable scope

The Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) assay kit is intended for quantitative determination of the Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) concentration in human serum.