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Singclean Helps Students in Poverty Continue their Study Dream
singclean | 2021-06-08


Photographed by Singclean

5 June, 2020, Singclean medical arrived in Qingtian County, Lishui, to help 26 students in poverty continue their study. It was the tenth year annual support in Singclean. In this year’s one-to-one assistance, 6 company members went to the local area and directly led their helping hands to students. Apart from the 1000 RMB donation every students each year, we also brought fans and books to each student, permitting a comfortable and resource-filled study environment in this burning summer. For students who were in a severe financial condition, each of them received a 500-1000 RMB on-site donation.


Qingtian County is a place with a great disparity between the rich and the poor. To make a living, numerous parents left home to earn money with their children staying with their relatives. These kids are called the left-behind children. Most of them can only see their parents once a year and live with a low life quality.


Except providing high-quality products, Singclean medical always believes that a successful company should also take its responsibility to society. Beginning at 2012, Singclean holds a one-to-one donation to 26 left-behind children students until they finished. This support will continue to last in the future years, as an evidence of Singclean giving back to our community.