Singclean Medical In The Second Consumption EXPO
2020-12-15 Return list


Chinese Poster for Medical Masks

On Dec.11~Dec.13, Singclean Medical joined the 2nd consumption EXPO which was held by the management committee of Qian Tang New Area, Hangzhou. Hundreds of companies based on Qian Tang New Area got together here to bring goods like foods, clothes, electrical appliances and skin care products to local residents and offer a big discount to embrace the new year.  It's an annual gathering and various kinds of interesting activities were held here.

Singclean hyaluronic acid products, collagen products and facemasks supplied our natural hyaluronic acid to make residents of Qian Tang New Area refresh their skin. Our hyaluronic acid is of high purity and the collagen is extracted from fish scales with micromocule, our products are safe and can help people stay young.


Chinese Zither Performance

To Enjoy To Try

On Dec.11, we invited 3 ladies to enjoy our medical masks, our medical masks consist of hyaluronic acid and water without other additions like alcohol and artificial flavors, it can rewater our face sufficiently. On the stage, these ladies enjoyed the medical facemasks and the elegant Chinese Zither performance, traditional stringed instrument of China. After 10 minutes, all the ladies thought highly of our products especially the lady with sensitive skin said it gave her fresh experience while using the medical masks. After using, as our moisture measurement showed, the moisture content in the face rose about 40 points!

We were also happy to be interviewed by the CCTV Brand New Era column group, we introduced our hyaluronic acid products, collagen products and the future plans of our company and we hope more people can get to know our company and products. 


Interviewed by the CCTV Brand New Era column group

 During the 2nd consumption EXPO, our hyaluronic acid products, collagen products and facemasks received a warm welcome by visitor here. We hope to make more products and make a breakthrough.