Clinical Trailon Safety And Efficacy Of An Injectable Cross—Linked Sodium Hyaluronate Gel For Moderate And Severe Nasolabial Groove
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To investigate safety and eficacy of yishumei--a injectable cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel on alleviating moderate and severe nasolabial groove.

Methods A randomized,single-blind,parallel controlled study was conducted on selected volunteers with moderate and severe nasolabial groove.Restylane" ll or yishumei"(<1.5 ml)was injected either side to correct nasolabial groove.Bilateral nasolabial wrinkle severity rating scale (WSRS)and adverse events were evaluated by surgeon and volunteers independently at preoperative and immediately,4 weeks,12 weeks,24 weeks after procedure.SPSS13.0 software was used for statistical analysis.

Results The average age of 30 selected volunteers(28 female,2 male)was 45.8.Bilateral nasolabial WSRS declined after procedure,and the difference between

WSRS of immediately and of 24 weeks later has no statistically significance(P>0.05).Two cases of adverse events (2/30,6.67%)occurred during the test,and one case thought to be related to the research materials.

Reference From Journal of Practical Dermatology,Feb.2016 ,Vol.9,No.1


ZHOU Zhi qiang,SUI Zhi fu,LIU Chang,et al

Institute of Skin Damage and Repair,GeneralHospital ofBeijing M ilitary Com mand,Beijing 100700,China