A Clinical Trial Of Effectiveness Of Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Gels For Pelvic And Operation On Preventing Postoperative Adhesion
2017-08-14 Return list

Objective To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of medical sodium hyaluronate gels on the prevention of postoperative adhesion after abdominal and pelvic operation in the Department of general surgery, and discuss its clinical practical value. Methods Total 521 patients undergoing pelvic and abdominal operation were selected and randomly divided into experimental group(263cases)and control group(258cases).The sodium hyaluronate gels were used in the experimental group to coat over the operative area and adjacent parts, but not in the control group. After the surgery, the recorded data was analyzed statisticaly. Results In the experimental group: the mean time for passage of stools(19.8±1.7)h, the leucocyte count increased:8.0%(21cases),physical examination with the pain and discomfort:6.8%(18cases),post-operative adhesion:16cases included 3 cases of type Ⅰ and 13 cases of type Ⅱ.In the control group: the mean time for passage of stools(37.1±3.6)h, the leucocyte count increase:40.7%(105cases),physical examination with the pain and discomfort:24.0%(62cases),post-operative adhesion:94 cases include 39 cases of type Ⅰ and 55 cases of type Ⅱ.Conclusion The sodium hyaluronate gels may decrease the risk of postoperative adhesion formation, reduce the incidence of postoperative infection, pain, discomfort and other symptoms. It is worthy of clinical application and promotion.

Reference from Chinese Journal of General Practice

Writer: Gu Qiu-zhong, the First people's Hospital of Pinghu, Zhejiang, China.