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singclean | 2017-06-27

Singclean Medical is one of the leading stop bleeding products manufacturers and suppliers in China. With many highly qualified staff and advanced technology, we warmly welcome you to wholesale our quality stop bleeding products at competitive price which has no doubt to bring you many benefits.

Next we introduce one of them.

1. What is Quickclean®?

Absorbable Hemostatic Particles

Quickclean® are spherical or ellipsoidal microporous with spatial reticular microstructure, good biocompatibility, prepared with potato starch as raw materials using the emulsification and crosslinking technology. 

2. Applied Range Quickclean® ?

Scope of Application: The product is intended to be used for surgeries such as cardiovascular surgery, thoracic suergery, hepatobiliary surgery, bone surgery, general surgery, burns, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, ENT surgery, ect. It is an adjunctive hemostatic device. 

3. Why choose Quickclean ®? 

1.Safety - contains no animal or human components, utilizing a purified plant source material is critical to minimizing the risks of infection and bleeding-related complications during surgery. Rapidly resorbed and irrigated with saline rinse.

2.Efficacy -Dual action mechanism. Ultra-hydrophilic nature enhances and accelerates the dotting cascade. Coupled with the formation of gelled matrix, which forms a mechanical barrier to bleeding.

3. Ease to use - No Prep or special storage requirements.

4. At present, there’s still no such medical device in China market, our product has already finished clinical trials, and the clinical effect is obvious, no clinical adverse reaction, it is a promising new aids material.

5. Certification 


6. Important Safety Information


1. This product is aseptic and pyrogen-free, and shall be subject to aseptic operation and for single use;

2. Do not inject this product into vessels;

3. Do not use in case of damaged packages.