In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Market
2017-02-22 Return list

(1) Immunoassay reagents will gradually take the place of clinical and biochemical reagents, diagnostic reagents development mainstream.

(2) Development of diagnostic techniques are to the poles. Diagnosis is a highly integrated and automated instruments on the one hand, on the other hand is simple, fast and easy to spread quick diagnosis.

3) Tested the product range will expand rapidly.

(4) Product updates faster, due to genetic engineering, recombinant DNA and monoclonal antibodies, application and development of modern biotechnology to make these accurate Diagnostics can quickly from the research phase to the clinical stage and shorten development time.

International year of clinical diagnostic reagent market has been growing at about 3%~5%, is still in a period of sustained development, United States nearly 700 FDA approved diagnostic reagents, ranking first in the world, but with the World Health Organization global statistical classification of disease Association recently announced the world's known 12000 diseases than potential demand is very high.

Domestic clinical testing markets after several years of rapid development, although some important clinical project has entered the mature stage, the domestic market has slowed, but there is still growth of 15%~20%. At present compared with the hundreds of products on the international and domestic market is far from being developed, like prom and fecal occult blood test has huge market potential. Even if demand from large, mature, for example early pregnancy test, ovulation test strip, and several kinds of diseases, the market still has great potential for development. Simultaneously with the improvement of people's living standards and reform of the health care system, the size of the market will be further expanded.