A preparation process of a regenerated cellulose absorbable hemostat

The present invention provides a preparation process of a regenerated cellulose absorbable hemostat, is to meet the use needs of clinical operation, convenient operation, improved the existing regenerated cellulose absorbable hemostatic material oxidation process, solve the process of high cost, high pollution and material waste serious problems. The present invention is loaded cyclohexane in the reservoir, sealed into nitrogen dioxide gas dissolved in blowing carding mechanism; preparation of regenerated cellulose fiber layer, after cutting into the reaction kettle; the storage of Cyclohexane into the reactor, after the reaction of cyclohexane to the next row back to the reservoir; with oxidation product of reaction kettle cleaning alcohol then, ethanol dehydration products; dehydration products for blast and vacuum drying to remove alcohol, absorbable hemostatic material. The production efficiency of the invention is similar to that of the traditional process. The product is easier to be decomposed and used in clinical application, and at the same time, it also reduces production cost, reduces the discharge of environmental pollutants, and is more uniform and controllable, which is suitable for industrial production.