A preparation method of sodium hyaluronate gel

The invention provides a preparation method of sodium hyaluronate gel, which comprises the following steps: 1), containing a mixture of sodium hyaluronate, crosslinking agent, water in alkaline pH 9-13 under the pounding or grinding of stainless steel in agate mortar, grinding uniform transparent powder, the mass percentage of hyaluronic acid sodium in the mixture is 15-30%; 2), with a high speed centrifuge the powder mixture is squeezed into a group, centrifugal speed is 5000-10000 rpm; 3), standing at room temperature; 4), dialysis equilibrium, dialysis at 30-50 ℃ PBS buffer, bulk sodium hyaluronate in the gel temperature conditions in dialysate PBS, intermolecular crosslinking reaction each other fast motion, continue with dialysis; and the crosslinking reaction gradually terminated, prepared the sodium hyaluronate gel. The invention has the advantages of simple equipment, low preparation cost, high content of sodium hyaluronate, low content of crosslinking agent, and good viscoelasticity under high concentration of sodium hyaluronate and still have very low crosslinking degree.