Production equipment

The company’s plant in Xiasha covers an area of 13,000m2 with the construction area of 17,000m2 and producing tract of 13,200m2 including cleanrooms of 2,300m2 in which cleanroom of Class C covers 2,000m2 and that of Class B covers 300m2 with over 60m2 of which follows in Class A. A new cleanroom up to GMP standard was set up in this plant, and the Pharmaceutical Production License was obtained in 2012. It will produce all kinds of medical equipment and medical 10 million sets, production value 2 billion, in addition the plant has introduced more production facilities such as the Invoa filling machine from Germany, the sterilizer from GETINGE, the semi0automactic filling and sealing equipment from Pluemat, 5T/h purified water machine, 3T/h water for injection machine, and 1T/h of pure steam generator.