Antigen Rapid Test For Coronavirus
2020-11-27 Return list

Since the Coronavirus has been spread all over the world, Singclean Medical launched the Antigen Rapid Test For Coronavirus to fight the epidemic!

The antigen rapid test for coronavirus based on the solid phase immunochromatographic assay, it can detect the coronavirus of our bodies by detecting the nasal swab specimen, which is suitable to use during the early stage of infection. You can use it since symptoms like cough, fever and shortness of breath appears. Compared with the PCR, the antigen rapid test for coronavirus can be widely used due to the low price and the highly portable. You can read the result by using the antigen rapid test for coronavirus in only 15 minutes, while PRC will cost 6 hours and more money to ready the result. Consequently, the antigen rapid test for Coronavirus can be widely used. Though the test kits is convenient to use, you must operate with the help from medical staff and the act as the procedures below shows.

test procedures


The way to interpret the result as the picture below shows.


result interpretation

Our antigen test kits is of great sensitivity, specificity and accuracy. The Accuracy is as high as 97.50% to 99.47%. Nevertheless, never regard our antigen test kits as the only way to detect the coronavirus, you should detect the coronavirus by other virus testing methods.


clinical data (2)

Last but not least, there are two types of packing for sale: 20 tests/kit and 1test/kit. Welcome to chat with us now!